Muscle loss

What is muscle loss?

Muscle loss, known as sarcopenia, is a common condition characterized by the gradual loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength that occurs with aging. It can start as early as age 30 and accelerates after age 50.

Some key points about muscle loss include:

Signs and Symptoms

The gradual wasting away of muscle mass may seem invisible at first. Early signs and symptoms include:

As muscle loss progresses, severe symptoms may occur like:

If you're over 50 and noticed unexplained fitness declines or weight gain, talk to your doctor about screening for sarcopenia. Bloodwork and scans can help diagnose it.

Prevention and Treatment

While some muscle loss is inevitable with normal aging, focusing on controllable lifestyle factors can slow progression substantially. Vitality Health Center offers personalized programs involving:

In many cases, lifestyle changes coupled with Vitality Health Center' customized hormones therapies to address deficiencies can help stop and reverse muscle loss. Their experts can evaluate your unique situation and provide tailored recommendations on nutrition, fitness, and hormones for maintaining your strength and independence long-term.

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