What is irritability?

Irritability is defined as feeling easily annoyed, impatient, and touchy. It refers to a physiological state of being in which one has a low tolerance for nuisance or frustration. Irritability touches most of us from time to time, but when it becomes frequent or persistent, it may signify an underlying health issue.

What causes irritability?

There are many potential causes of increased irritability:

How to manage irritability?

If irrational irritation persists, it is important to identify the underlying cause and address it appropriately under medical guidance. In the interim, the following tips can be helpful in coping with this distressing symptom:

In summary, irritability refers to feeling easily frustrated, annoyed and impulsive. Though occasional irritability is normal, frequent or intense episodes can negatively impact relationships and quality of life. Determining the root cause and making suitable lifestyle changes is key, along with seeking expert care if a health condition is suspected behind this troublesome symptom.

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