What is fatigue?

Fatigue is defined as an overwhelming sense of tiredness, lack of energy, and feeling of exhaustion. It can occur both physically and mentally. We all experience fatigue at some point, but when it becomes excessive or persistent, it can significantly impact daily life.

There are two main types of fatigue:

Some common causes of fatigue include:

If you struggle with fatigue on an ongoing basis, hormonal issues could be a key contributor for both men and women. The professionals at Vitality Health Center specialize in advanced hormone testing and custom treatment plans to help patients regain healthy hormone levels and overcome chronic exhaustion.

Managing fatigue typically requires a multifaceted approach such as:

While occasional fatigue is normal, unrelenting exhaustion that persists over weeks and months is not. If lifestyle measures don't seem to help, consult your healthcare provider to identify and address any underlying causes. Regaining your energy, concentration and healthy zest for life is possible!

The hormone optimization programs at Vitality Health Center can be a game-changer for reducing fatigue related to hormonal dysfunction. Their cutting-edge therapies and personalized care plans help patients finally reclaim their energy, mental clarity, and quality of life once more.

I hope this overview on fatigue helps provide some insight and solutions. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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