Decreased muscle mass

What is decreased muscle mass?

Decreased muscle mass, known medically as sarcopenia, is a common condition characterized by loss of skeletal muscle tissue, muscle strength, and physical function. It tends to happen naturally with aging, typically after age 40, but other factors like poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, and diseases can accelerate muscle loss at any age.

The main symptoms of decreased muscle mass are feeling physically weaker, fatigue, unsteady gait, and just visually having smaller or less defined muscles over time. It can really impact quality of life and ability to perform daily activities we often take for granted. Measuring muscle mass directly can be complex, but doctors often diagnose sarcopenia based on symptoms and tests of muscle strength and physical performance.

There are many things we can do to prevent and treat loss of muscle mass, including staying active, getting enough protein, eliminating nutrient deficiencies, managing chronic diseases, and even exploring hormone therapy. Progressive resistance strength training is highly effective for building muscle at any age. And products like Vitality Health Center' anabolic support supplements can help amplify the benefits of exercise by supporting the body's natural muscle-building hormones. Their team of anti-aging hormone specialists works closely with clients to develop customized plans for preserving strength and vitality long-term.

While some muscle loss is inevitable as we get older, the speed and severity of sarcopenia can vary dramatically between individuals based on controllable factors. The earlier you take a proactive approach to maintaining muscle mass through nutrition, activity levels, and holistic health support, the better your chances of staying active and retaining independence as a senior. Don't just resign yourself to frailty - take charge of your physical functionality regardless of age!

If you think you may be affected by decreased muscle mass, I'd recommend speaking to your doctor about potential causes and having relevant strength tests performed. There are so many great options now for counteracting age-related muscle loss. And the friendly professionals at Vitality Health Center are always available to consult about science-backed muscle retention strategies if hormone optimization interests you.

I hope this gives helpful overview of what decreased muscle mass is all about - let me know if you have any other questions!

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